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Albemarle corporation (NYSE: ALB) headquartered in Charlotte (North Carolina, USA) is a global chemical group. Albemarle has leading market positions in catalysts, lithium and bromine products. Albemarle products are used worldwide in important sectors: from energy and communication to transport and electronics. Due to its leading position in lithium, Albemarle is also an important link in the electrification of mobility; after all, every electric car needs a battery that contains lithium. Albemarle employs approximately 6,000 people worldwide and serves customers in more than 100 countries.

In Amsterdam, Albemarle develops and produces catalysts for chemical companies and refineries. Outside of Amsterdam, Albemarle also produces and develops catalysts in Bayport (Texas, US) and at two joint ventures in Brazil and Japan.

Catalysts are indispensable additives in chemistry. Many everyday products cannot be produced without catalysts. Albemarle's catalysts enable refineries around the world to efficiently produce increasingly cleaner fuels.

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